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I'm Lynn Höltge and I support you in getting the most out of your brand.

I'm years old and currently study Digital Innovation & Business in the city of Aachen, Germany. Since completing my A-Levels (Abitur) in 2017, I gained some experience in the following areas:

Web Development

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Google Ads

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Google Analytics

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Merchant Center


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Topic: Health

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Overview of my work based on one example project

Development of the Physioteam Höltge Website

Getting started

Each and every project starts with the general of how the website will look like. During this phase it is important to work with the client to find out what they imagine their final page to look like. After agreeing on the general layout the last details for sub-pages are decided.

a picture of the wireframes for Physioteam Höltge
Creating the page

Then the website can be created. This specific page was created in WordPress. Further design choices are discussed with the client to create their ideal page while keeping web standards & usability, etc. in mind. Depending on the complexity and size of the website this takes the longest.

Management of the Google Products

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool to find out more about your customers. We can analyze who their are and where they're from to costumize your website and content towards them.

Additionally it allows us to analyze their behaviour on your page and make adjustments in your SEO (Search Egine Optimization) or pages if users tend to leave specific pages.

Analysis of the Customers with Google Looker Studio
An Overview of the Conversions in Google Analytics

Creating and tracking specific actions you want your users to complete on your website is another way to find out where we can make small adjustments and improvements to maximise your business success.

Tools like Google Search Console, Google Ads and Google Merchant Center are further tools we can use to help the success of your business.

Google My Business

Google My Business (this includes tools from Google's competitors) is a useful tool to present to potential clients since it presents many important information right away. Keeping it up to date and relevant also increases the chances of showing up at the top whenever people Google for services that are relevant to your business.

A picture of our Google My Business Entry
A picture of the 'Portfolio Page'

Copywriting Articles & Social Media Strategy

Every website needs content. Regularly adding new content to your website can help to keep your website relevant. In the example of Physioteam Höltge, I have created articles on specific health topics relevant to the business. This (paired with regular presentations) helps to establish the business as a top business for anything health related in the area.



2023 - Present

Bachelors Degree

Bachelor of Science - Digital Innovation and Business

A interdisciplinary Bachelor which includes elements of Computer Science, economics, marketing, and more.



Abitur (A-Levels) at KGS Tarmstedt, Germany


2023 - Present

IT & Copywriter

Physioteam Höltge

Administration of the website, copywriting, work at the front desk & fitness area.

Noteworthy Experience

  • Creation of the website Physioteam Höltge while employed in 2022.
  • Support of big scale sclients at Google Ads between May - December 2021
  • Creation of trainings for other team members at Google Ads, including providing these trainings to the team
  • Creation of the team website, training materials & sources of help at Cognizant (April 2019 - April 2020).
  • Responsible for assignment of cases & reporting at Cognizant.


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